Abstract Submission for Workshop

Noon of May 31 >>> Noon of July 5, 2013 5:00 PM on July 16, 2013
Closed. Thank you for submitting many abstracts!


All abstracts must be written in English.


All Non-Japanese authors living outside Japan and affiliated with Non-Japanese organizations, universities, institutes etc., are exempt from membership.

All authors, presenting authors and co-authors, affiliated with Japanese organizations, such as universities, institutes, etc., are required to be members of the JSI. Register for a membership prior to submitting an abstract. You may submit an abstract before receiving your membership ID and password. Please pay the 2013 membership fee if you have not yet paid. Contact the JSI secretariat for further instructions.

General Information

As a presenting author, you may only submit one abstract which was unpublished yet including other societies Abstracts must be submitted online.

Submission Process

  • The text cannot exceed 2000 characters, excluding title and authors.
  • Neither tables nor graphics may be included.
  • Type your abstract directly in the field box. Do not copy and paste from your Word file.


All authors will be asked to select one preferred workshop and two alternative ones from the following 24 categories. Please see the workshop list below. As for details including keywords, please check our website.

No. Category No. Category
1 Hematopoiesis and Immune Environment 13 Immunological memory
2 B cells 14 Virus infection
3 T cells 15 Mycofungal/ parasite infection
4 Helper T cells 16 Bacterial infection
5 Regulatory T cells 17 Endogeneous innate immunity and inflammation
6 Innate lymphocytes 18 Mucosal-Skin Immunity
7 Dendritic cells and macrophages 19 Tolerance and Immune suppression
8 Antigen presentation 20 Organ-specific autoimmune diseases
9 Trafficking 21 Rheumatoid arthritis
10 Mast cells   granulocytes 22 Systemic autoimmune diseases
11 Allergy 23 Tumor immunity
12 Cytokines and chemokines 24 Human Immunology (Immunointervention)

Important Information

  • Confirm your abstract in PDF to avoid truncation. Abstract editing is the responsibility of the author. Abstracts will be published as received.
  • You will be notified shortly after your abstract has been accepted by e-mail, informing you of your Abstract Identification Number. Please Print the Abstract Identification Number for future reference.
    Your Abstract Identification Number will be posted on the Annual Meeting web site early in October if your abstract has been selected for poster or oral presentation. Visit our website to find out if your abstract has been selected for oral presentation or poster presentation. Notification will not be sent to you.